We provide design, manufacture and installation services to productions and companies worldwide from our base in Dublin. We can also provide on set or on site support for our product.

​Our services include:

Ab​out Us

Design & 3d Modelling


Mouldmaking and Casting

Set Construction


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There are no superlatives that can describe the capability, professionalism and talent of Mary Pike. Simply put, she is second to none. In the 6 years that Mary has worked with us at Weta Workshop I have never seen her falter or deliver anything but the highest results. She is extremely good at facilitating personnel and is well respected by her peers and our clients alike. I have always admired her ability to deal with any high pressure situation with charm, good grace and as a model of professionalism. Mary's talents and skills in design and management have seen her supervise large scale and themed environment builds, and she has led our 3D Modelling and Modelmaking departments as well as being our 2IC on the Workshop floor.

Tristan McCallum has been an invaluable crew member at Weta for the last ten years.He is an enthusiastic, efficient, and highly skilled technician who works well under pressure. His has become a highly skilled sword maker, creating hero swords for feature films and high end one off collectibles. He has also been willing to undertake roles of responsibility, for instance, travelling to China to supervise the composites division at Weta Tenzan.

Richard Taylor,

CEO Weta Workshop

"Mary and Tristan are a joy to work with. They are my first choice of Production Designer and Costume Designer. Mary has designed and built stunning sets for all my projects, bringing them in on time and on budget, while Tristan's costumes for The Devil's Rock, earned him a MOA (NZ Film Award) nomination for Best Costume, and brought an air of authenticity that helped our actors inhabit and create their characters."

Paul Campion,

Film Director 

Employer/ Client Feedback


We met back in 2007 whilst both working at Weta Workshop in New Zealand. We've been based mostly there until our 2014 move to Dublin. 

Up to this point, the bulk of our work has been for Weta. 

We hope to have a secondary website soon, filled with work by our new company... THE WORKHOUSE. 

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Feb 2015

The Workhouse are delighted to

announce our first major contract

and partnership. Designing and 

building Decor for Body & Soul in